C64 Emulator Starts On/Off Relationship with App Store

Someone contact a relationship counselor. Before gamers could even begin celebrating the long-awaited addition of Manomio’s C64 emulator to the App Store, Apple had already removed it, the suspicion being that the app had fallen afoul of Apple’s guidelines for the service.

According to The Register, some clever folks at Apple found a relatively simple way of accessing the emulator’s BASIC system after the app had gone live yesterday. The potential for gamers to use said access maliciously must have sent alarm bells ringing at Apple HQ. The website claims Apple had originally rejected the app due to such concerns (the original version offered full access to BASIC from the word go) but developer Manomio had appeased those worries by promising to write it out of the final software.

Instead of being removed entirely, BASIC remained part of the final code, albeit hidden from view. Manomio itself only discovered it could be accessed after it had sent the final version to Apple for final review. An edited version reached the App Store’s review process too late to replace the original and stop the emulator from being removed.

The developer is now trying to arrange a meeting with Apple to sort out the whole affair. Manomio CEO Brian Lyscarz told us the studio was unlikely to offer any official comment until it had been in contact with Apple. All the signs are that a BASIC-less version should hopefully find its way onto the App Store at some point in the future.

The concept previously met with Apple’s approval and initial sales proved positive, but all eyes will be on the two parties over the following weeks to see if this is one relationship that will either mend or turn bad.

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