Board Game App Announced for iPad

Despite mixed feelings about the iPad that are cropping up in the Apple community, there’s one thing that just about everyone has been at least somewhat excited about: the possibility of board games on the device.

A combination of the touch-based interface and large screen size could cause a resurgence in board game consumption, as parents seek to teach their young ones about the ruthless economics of Monopoly.

Now we’re one step closer to that dream, and while it may not be Monopoly, it’s still progress. GameTable, which is branding itself as the first board and card game app for the iPad, will feature Checkers, Chess, and a virtual deck of cards.

What saves this from being just another boring app is the fact that this game has no logic software. You don’t play within the context of their rules; they simply provide you with a board, some equipment, and simulated physics. One of the most frustrating things about playing card/board games on a computer is that you can’t “break” the rules to satisfy how you like to play. This should help alleviate that somewhat.

The developer has said that GameTable will be available shortly after the iPad launches, and will sell for only $0.99.

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