Blacksmith Games Announces Boostball

Blacksmith Games, the developer behind Plushed, has just announced a new tilt-based ball-rolling game called Boostball. In it, you guide a soccer ball over randomly placed boost arrows and avoid the blocky enemies on your way to the goal.

Scattered throughout the corridor-like playing field are fire powerups that let you plow through the rectangular foes. For newbies, a never-ending training mode allows you acquaint yourself with the controls and hone your tilting skills. The game will also have OpenFeint integration for leaderboards and achievements.

While it might not be as ambitious as content-packed Plushed, the gameplay looks like a lot of fun. We’ll see if it manages to reel us in with that “just one more try” effect when it’s released. Boostball has been submitted to Apple and should be out very soon.

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