Big Game Night: Star Command, Leviathan: Warships, and More

It’s Wednesday, so it must be a big game night on the App Store. Each Wednesday at 11pm EST, developers release their big games in hopes that they’ll be featured by Apple. These are just a few of the games launching tonight, so click ahead for your pre-release coverage and early iTunes links!


Sorcery! is sort of like a mix between a table-top RPG and a choose-your-own-adventure book. It tells the tale of an adventurer on a quest to find the Crown of Kings, a powerful artifact that imbues its wearer with magical leadership abilities. This is the first of four installments, each of which will tell a chunk of the story, but be satisfying as a standalone tale.

Price: $4.99 US

App Store Link

Star Command

Star Command puts you in charge of a starship and lets you hire a crew, explore the universe, and fight crazed aliens. If you’ve ever wanted a shot at Captain Kirk’s job, this is your best bet on iOS.

Price: $2.99

App Store Link

Dark Avenger

Did Dungeon Hunter 4 fail to satisfy your taste for a Diablo-style dungeon crawler on iOS? Gamevil’s Dark Avenger just might finish the job. This free-to-play hack-‘n-slash title lets you destroy evil minions, collect loot, and battle others in player vs. player matches online.

Price: Free

App Store Link

Leviathan: Warships

Leviathan: Warships is a turn-based strategy game of naval warfare. You build and customize your own fleet of warships, and you try to sink an enemy fleet. You can play against the computer, or online with friends either co-op or competitively. The online mode even works across platforms.

Price: $4.99

App Store Link

2 thoughts on “Big Game Night: Star Command, Leviathan: Warships, and More

    • It looks great, but the gameplay is a little shallow. You basically keep doing the same thing, facing a new ship and fighting them to the death. The only strange thing is that you dont really need to manage the ship at all, you just move every crew member into the gun room and camp out there. Your ship literally cannot be broken so you dont need to worry about trying to fix it during battles! All feels a bit unbalanced and amateur. That being said if i hadnt heard any of the previous hype surrounding the game pre release, i would be absolutely loving it right now.

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