Big Game Night: Pocket Trains, Shadowrun, and More

At Slide To Play, we call Wednesday “Big Game Night.” That’s because Wednesday night is when big developers usually release their games on the App Store in hopes that Apple will grant them a coveted feature slot tomorrow. Below, we’ve selected our picks for the biggest games hitting the market tonight at 11 p.m. EST.

T.E.C 3001

Here’s a high-speed runner set on a futuristic sky track. You play as a sprinting robot, proceeding through 41 levels to collect energy to save humanity. It looks kind of like Temple Run, but with a more technology and a dub step soundtrack. It even has split-screen multiplayer.

Price: $2.99
App Store Link

Shadowrun Returns

This Kickstarted game hit PCs last month, but tonight it lands on the iPad. It’s a turn-based tactical RPG that’s set in a unique world where fantasy meets cyberpunk. We’re hoping the touch controls work as well as the mouse and keyboard set-up on PCs.

Price: $9.99
App Store Link

Pocket Trains

After a successful run with Pocket Planes, NimbleBit is back with Pocket Trains. In this free-to-play title, you build and manage railroad routes to move cargo where it needs to go. If it’s as fun as NimbleBit’s other titles, this is one to download.

Price: Free
App Store Link


In the hilariously title Trouserheart, you play as a king who wants to get his pants back. The hack-’n-slash gameplay has you slicing through enemies like Blockolds, Jelly Cubes, and Derp Knights as you chase after your lost trousers. If you’re looking for a chuckle, Trouserheart seems like where you’ll find it.

Price: $2.99
App Store Link

Fading Fairytales

Fading Fairytales is a free-to-play RPG that gathers together fictional characters like Pinocchio, Aladdin, and Robin Hood to save the world. The game offers turn-based battles and loads of loot, tied together with a cartoonish art style. Check this one out if you want to scratch that RPG itch.

Price: Free
App Store Link

  • comboattack

    Nice to see that Big Game Night is back.

  • ETC37

    I’ve played a bit of the Mac version of Shadowrun Returns. Curious as well to see how it runs for the iPad.

  • Trench

    Boson-X is missing from this list.

  • Zephram

    I thought Goko’s Dominion was due in September. Guess not.