Big Game Night: Pacific Rim, Deus Ex, and More

It’s big game night on the App Store. Tonight we have an iOS tie-in for a mega summer blockbuster movie, plus the continuation of the popular Deus Ex series, along with a whole lot more. Read on for our list of the biggest games launching tonight.

Pacific Rim


The movie doesn’t come out until Friday, but you can dive in early witht the mobile game. Since the film is about giant mechs fighting giant monsters, it’s only natural that the gameplay has an Infinity Blade-style feel. Check out our developer Q & A for more information about this one.

Price: $4.99
App Store Link

Sprinkle Islands

Just when you thought you were through with physics puzzlers, they go and release a sequel to one of the most enjoyable ones in recent memory. In Sprinkle Islands, you play as a firefighter trying to put out fires in complicated levels. Saving the day generally requires you to use the force of the water to push buttons or fill up vessels in order to reach the flames. If it’s half as good as the original, Sprinkle Islands will be one to check out.

Price: $1.99
App Store Link

Ravenmark: Mercenaries

In this sequel to 2011’s Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion, you build up an army of mercenaries and go head to head agianst other players in turn-based strategy battles. The game is inspired by table-top strategy games, but with the added bonus of asynchronous multiplayer. We’re just hoping the free-to-play model doesn’t allow the big spenders to have plow through their more frugal opponents.

Price: Free
App Store Link

Deus Ex: The Fall


No need to wait until later tonight–this game is available right now. This quasi-sequel to Deux Ex: Human Revolution is a full new installment in the franchise. You can shoot your way through the game like some kind of insane cowboy, or take a more tactial, sneaky approach. It’s up to you. Read our hands-on preview for details.

Price: $6.99
App Store Link


This great-looking hack-and-slash game is also available in the U.S. right now. You can go it alone and dungeon crawl to your heart’s content, or team up with up to seven friends in a multiplayer raid. The developers tout that they offer no in-app purchases, and that they’re giving the game away for free temporarily. They plan to release monthly content updates, and to start charging for the game next month. So if you dig action RPGs, grab this one soon.

Price: $1.99
App Store Link

Plants Vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time


If you’re lucky enough to live in Australia or New Zealand, or just clever enough to have an account on one of those App Stores, you can try out the free-to-play sequel to one of the best tower defense games ever. In this installment, you hop in a time machine to ward off the undead in ancient Egypt, on the pirate seas, and more. For details, check out our latest hands-on preview.

Price: Free
App Store Link

5 thoughts on “Big Game Night: Pacific Rim, Deus Ex, and More

  1. Ravenmark Merc is already out and I played a couple matches. I’m not quite sure yet how I feel about the F2P model, but it doesn’t seem too bad. I don’t think big spenders will have much of an advantage since they can just unlock new brigades with different tactics, not necessarily more powerful ones. But we’ll see. It’s early, and so far at least I’m having fun.

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