Big Game Night: DinoHunter, Men’s Room Mayhem, and More

Wednesday night is Big Game Night, the night when iOS developers release their games in hopes that Apple grants them a “Featured” spot on the App Store. Tonight, at 11 p.m. EST, you’ll be able to fight prehistoric beasts, terrifying fish, and more. Read on for our picks of the biggest games launching tonight.

Call of Mini: DinoHunter

The Call of Mini franchise is a long-standing series of third-person shooters that have you fight different kinds of enemies in each game. In this edition, the enemies are dinosaurs. As you try to make them extinct a second time, you collect items that help you craft new and better weapons. Looks pretty sweet.

Price $0.99
App Store Link

Zombie Fish Tank

In this adorably psychotic game, you play as a fish whose life has been destroyed (and ended) by scientists. So when you come back from the dead, you go completely nuts, fighting all kinds of ugly, mean sea creatures and humans. The game uses tilt controls to get you through 40 levels, complete with bosses and power-ups.

Price: $0.99
App Store Link

Men’s Room Mayhem

Have you ever dreamed of being a janitor? Of course you have! And you’re in luck, because Men’s Room Mayhem is a line drawing game that puts you in charge of keeping a busy men’s room running cleanly and efficiently. The customers have full bladders, and your job is to direct them to open urinals and stalls without making them bump into each other. It looks a lot like Flight Control, but gross. Oh, and if you leave an open space between to customers, you get an etiquette bonus. This game teaches manners as well as cleanliness.

Price: $0.99
App Store Link


In the alternate reality of this game, when we landed on the moon back in the titular year, we found a bunch of cheese scattered around. Your goal in this platformer is to maneuver a lunar rover across several extra terrestrial bodies, collecting cheese and beating the clock as you go. It’s a cute, fun little platfomer, and the price is right.

Price: Free
App Store Link

Combo Crew

Inspired by brawlers of yesteryear like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, Combo Crew puts you in a tower full of bad guys and has you fight your way to the top, where you’ll face the evil Mr. Boss. The game dispenses with virtual controls and instead relies on taps and swipes to control your fighter. Old-school gamers may want to check this one out.

Price: $1.99
App Store Link



Sci-Fighters is the next game from the company that made The Impossible Game. You and three opponents battle it out in an arena that’s also inhabited by a monster. The game has seven weapons, including flash grenades, an ice rifle, and a monster potion that lets you transform into a monster. The goal is to be the last fighter standing. Are you a bad enough dude to do that?

Price: $1.99
App Store Link

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  1. Dino Hinter…
    My intrest is gained. How till reveiws out?
    Also, does it have coop? And energy meters/ timers?

  2. NEWS ALERT: @TelltaleGames’ #PokerNight2 will arrive for download on the iOS @AppStore tomorrow for $4.99!

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