Big Game Night: Bit.Trip Run, Dead Trigger 2, and More

Once again, it’s Big Game Night on the App Store! Tonight we have a comic strip strategy game, a space shooter, a haunted hotel, and a lot more. Read on for our list of the biggest games launching tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern time.

Asterix: Total Retaliation

Fans of the Asterix comic will want to check out this Plants Vs. Zombies-like strategy game. Basically, you deploy your troops, made up of characters like Asterix, Obelix, and Dogmatix, to stop the Romans from coming after your potion. Looks like cartoonish fun.

Price: $1.99
App Store Link

Bit.Trip Run

This sequel to Bit.Trip Runner is a rhythm-based platformer, where you run, leap, kick, and slide through all kinds of colorful environments. There’s tons to do here, and lots of characters, costumes, and levels to unlock.

Price: $3.99
App Store Link

Dead Trigger 2

This game is actually already out, so you might as well grab it now. It’s a bullet-filled zombie-killing gore-fest that’s sure to make your adrenaline kick in. Also, it looks incredible.

Price: Free
App Store Link

Fright Heights

Fright Heights is a puzzle game with a silly twist. You run a hotel of horrors, and your goal is to spook the guests. You have a cross-section view of the hotel, and you place ghosts and monsters in the empty rooms to scare your customers away.

Price: Free
App Store Link

Oil Rush: 3D Naval Strategy

Who doesn’t love a good game of Naval strategy now and then? Better yet, Oil Rush takes place after a Waterworld-like apocalypse has left most of the planet under water. Your job is to lead an army on a 10 hour campaign that’s made up of 15 diverse missions. From the looks of things, this game has depth and fun to spare.

Price: $4.99
App Store Link

Strike Wing

Everyone loves a good space shooter, and Strike Wing could be a fantastic addition to the genre. With gorgeous graphics, a nice variety of ships, plenty of missions, and iCloud saves, Strike Wing shows lots of promise.

Price: $0.99
App Store Link

15 thoughts on “Big Game Night: Bit.Trip Run, Dead Trigger 2, and More

  1. Dead Trigger 2 requires iOS 7 to be played. i don’t feel like having to upgrade to an iOS that i have no interest in just to play this game. fail.

    • Hang on. Because you don’t feel like upgrading to the iOS to support the game, it’s a fail? Methinks the jokes on you.

      1) No one really cares about your upgrade preferences
      2) Regardless of whether the game is good or not, a requirement to upgrade to the latest OS is irrelevant. Or are you writing your comments on a PC running Windows 3.1?

      • Hey chuck Finley, congratulations for winning the Bitch Of The Day award. This award goes to most butt hurt poster of this article. You, my man, are its grand recipient. Kudos. Now go back under the rock you crawled out of and move along.

        • Well Nekked (sic), in light of your whining and bitching in your opening post, I think I will have to wait for you to give it up.

          Right after you finish collecting Hypocrite of the Day.

          Nekkedsnake speaks with forked tongue

          • Chuck, why not grow up a bit and act like an adult instead of a complete tool? Instead of offering any kind of sound advice like a good example above (loading) you choose to become the opinion police. Bonus for taking 2 posts to continue your nonsensical banter aka bitching.

          • Well I managed a workaround. A little skill and ingenuity will get you places. I guess some ppl just choose to sit there and go “um derp” and talk about forked tongues instead of try to figure things out.

      • Thank you for restoring my sanity. I was beginning to think I was in the twilight zone with comments like above. I’d also like to point out that, upgrading your iOS is inevitable. So you can bash all you like, but it’s a reality of software.

        • so you think that choosing Not to upgrade to iOS 7 is considered bashing? i’m pretty amazed by you two actually. i don’t think i’ve ever encountered any other over sensitive individuals. and on the internet no less.

          • This has nothing to do with sensitivity. It has much more to do with my sanity being restored thanks to gold ole chuck up there. You saying the game is a fail because you choose to not update your device to the supported version and calling it a ‘fail’ is a gigantic fail in logic. I don’t argue with people who fail in logic.

          • If you actually Read my first post I never said the game was a fail. Only the fact that its running on an OS that I prefer not to use. Couldn’t say that about a game I hadn’t played at that point now, could I? Now going by Logical terms, if both you and your good little buddy chuck actually Read my post you both wouldn’t have come up with the same illogical thought process. Now THAT is a fail. Bravo.

    • just sayin’, I wanted to play dead trigger 2 but only had ios 6.x.x. BUT. if you know how to plist edit a little and have a jailbroken iphone, you can actually play it on ios6. that’s what I am doing, and suprisingly, no bug or whatsoever so far. try it if you can

      • That might be worth a try. Yep my 4s is JBed. I’ll have to research a bit about plist editing. Hopefully I pull it off. Thanks.

        • А в чем проблема просмотреть файл .plist ? :) Я с этим за час справился, скачав игру с какого-то ресурса и открыв ее обычным архиватором в файле я поменял ось с 7-й на 6.1.2 и все пошло! :)

          • LionHead,

            I had to translate what you said, but thanks! hahah. i found another way to make the game work and it looks good so far. thanks for another good piece of advice anyway. some other people tho would rather sound like cry babies rather than be helpful :D

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