Battle Bears Prequel -1 Arrives In App Store

Our review of the original Battle Bears divided readers down the middle. Some felt the game was too much of a simple shooter to merit a Must Have rating, but we still think it’s one of the most unique and hilarious games on the iPhone. Now, a new game in the series will take you two games before Battle Bears: Battle Bears -1.

Battle Bears -1 sports a new control scheme, which lets you move Oliver or Riggs around the room in 3D (instead of being stuck behind sandbags the whole time).

Boss battles from the 1.5 update are back, and according to the trailer, you’ll even face off against an Aliens-like mecha suit. If we know Oliver, he’ll be cursing just as much as Aliens’ Ripley when he sees one of those. New cutscenes and OpenFeint achievements round out the fluffy, stuffed package.

We’ve been waiting for a Battle Bears follow-up for quite some time, so we’ll have a review for you right away.

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