Back To The Future Ep 1 Now Free

This is strange! Possibly due to a disruption of the time-space continuum, Back To The Future was still showing up as $6.99 on the App Store. But if you followed this link, you’d find it for free. We’re not sure what’s going on, but you’d better download this episode for free while you still can.

Telltale’s been teasing App Store gamers for a while now, releasing just a single episode each from their Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and Wallace and Gromit series. Now, they’re committed to bringing out the full season of Back To The Future adventure games, and you can get the first episode for free.

Back To The Future for iOS is available only on the iPad, and based on our experience with it, we’d recommend playing it on a fast-powered iPad 2. While the character design, puzzles, and cinematic storylines are great, the game tends to chug and skip on an iPad 1.

Give Back To The Future a try, and see if you get hooked on the series, like Telltale is hoping. It’s only free until the end of July, so be sure to download it now by clicking here.

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