Apple-Supported iOS Controllers Are Coming

It took many years, but Apple has finally decided to give manufacturers official guidelines for making game controllers for iOS devices. And with iOS 7, Apple has built controller compatibility right into the operating system. It turns out that if you build it, they will come: ClamCase and Logitech will be among the first companies to release iOS controllers.


GameCase is a step ahead of Logitech, at least when it comes to showing off their product. They’ve set up a website, where you can watch a snazzy video of the shiny controller and sign up to be alerted when preorders are available. Their controller actually houses the iOS devices, so it looks a little huge and weird on an iPad. But, aside from the Xbox-esque disc D-pad, it looks like a solid product.


Logitech is still in the hinting stage of their marketing, but they released the above advertisement on their Facebook page. Obviously, what’s missing is a controller.

[Via MacRumors]

One thought on “Apple-Supported iOS Controllers Are Coming

  1. My GF bought me the Atari Arcade game-controller (see below) a while back, it’s a great concept, problem is it ONLY works for the Atari collection (which is fine, but gets BORING, really quick) … I kept thinking, how much cooler & more useful it’d be if it worked with other iOS games.
    … So I def. support & look forward to developers creating controllers to enhance iOS gaming.

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