Apple Cracks Down on Sexy iPhone Games and Apps

Daisy Mae is back in the App Store! Seems Apple got a little overzealous with their censorship. There’s really nothing that offensive about Daisy Mae, except of course, the dull gameplay. We may not like your game, developers, but we’ll support your right to sell it.

Tired of boob-jiggle apps dominating the App Store? Apparently so was Apple, because royal decree has been sent down from Cupertino that Apple would be shaking out the proverbial rug to get rid of much of the NSFW content.

In an email to iBoobs developer John Atherton, Apple stated that they had received numerous comments from users who took offense to the overabundance of sexy apps flooding the marketplace, and as such have chosen to amend their policies and remove many of these apps.

Curiously, the Playboy app so far remains untouched, which leads us to the conclusion that Apple is willing to make exceptions for Apps that make them a ton of money.

The number of apps removed due to this new policy is estimated to be around 5,000, which as AppAdvice points out is about 3% of all apps total. It’s a huge number, to be sure, but given the sheer amount of porn apps that have been released, we can’t help but imagine that this is only the beginning of the culling.

In fact, even some relatively harmless games have been plucked from the App Store. Nude sliding puzzle apps being removed makes a lot of sense, but Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet? It had elements not suitable for children, but we hardly thought it justified classification with the likes of iBoobs.

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