Angry Birds Star Wars is This Thanksgiving’s Go-To App

As Thanksgiving draws near, we’re hearing a lot of talk about birds–the kind that wind up on our dinner table, and the irate kind that we fling into stacks of pigs. Earlier this week, App Annie Analytics distributed data indicating that Angry Birds Star Wars is already on track to be this year’s most popular Thanksgiving app.

What’s that mean, exactly? Well, it means your relatives may actually gobble about the game at the dinner table on Thursday, which beats being grilled about your bleak career and/or relationship status.

Angry Birds Star Wars launched on November 8. The game has since hit the top download spot on the App Store and Google Play. It also currently occupies the App Store’s top two spots for revenue (for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad), and is Google Play’s tenth best earner.

So, which wine goes best with a roasted Red Bird?

Happy Thanksgiving!

[via App Annie]

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