Angry Birds Launches on Facebook

Ladies and gentlemen, Angry Birds is finally available to play on Facebook. All you have to do is click here, install the app, and you’ll be wrecking pigs’ houses in no time. For the most part, this is still the game you’ve probably already played, but the Facebook version includes 15 exclusive levels, a handful of limited-use power-ups, and the ability to gift power-ups to your friends.

The power-ups include things like a pig-shaking earthquake and the ability to increase the size of your birds. Of course, if you’re struggling to complete a level and you’re out of power-ups, you can spend real-life money to stock back up. The packs range from $1 to $40.

Peter Vesterbacka, the head of development at Rovio Games, has said that they plan to sell merchandise for Angry Birds that comes with codes you can redeem for in-app power-ups. He says the Facebook version of the game will also be expanded to include a multiplayer component of some sort. (Our guess is the ability to challenge your friends to beat your score, but we’ll have to wait and see.)

With all of the platforms Angry Birds has already been available to play on, it’s hard to believe it’s just now coming to the largest social network in the world. But hey, it’s free to play, and it’s still a very fun game. Install it the next time you’re bored at work, and watch the time flutter away.

[Via The New York Times]

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