Angry Birds Friends Hits App Store Thursday

Facebook gamers may have already played Angry Birds Friends, but many iOS gamers probably haven’t. Well, they’re in luck: Rovio announced on Twitter that they’re bringing the game to the App Store on Thursday. The game, which was released on Facebook last year, is similar to a standard Angry Birds game, but with social features grafted on.

For example, you can connect with friends who use the app, and gift each other power-ups. You can also buy one-time-use power-ups and use them to help you blast through the levels. They also host tournaments, with the winners receiving in-game currency.

Since the Facebook version of Angry Birds Friends is free-to-play, we wouldn’t be surprised if this were the first in the franchise to be released as a free-to-play game on iOS. We’ll find out more on Thursday (or late Wednesday night, to be precise).


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