Analyst Predicts iPhone Ownership Will Surpass Android by 2015

The numbers have long shown that more Android phones are in customer hands than iPhones. But that may change as soon as 2015, according to the research firm Yankee Group. They conducted a study of 16,000 smartphone owners and found that enough Android owners intend to switch to iPhone that iPhone may soon be the dominant device.

The reason is platform loyalty. While Android owners are often curious about the iPhone side of the fence, most iPhone owners are happy with their choice in smartphone and plan to buy another iPhone when the time comes. Could all this talk recently about Apple and iPhone being doomed be a bunch of hogwash? All Things D has more details about the study, so click here to read more.


[Via All Things D]

7 thoughts on “Analyst Predicts iPhone Ownership Will Surpass Android by 2015

  1. is this some fantasy scenario? only tim cook will believe that study.

    iphone is getting slaughtered right now and android is dominating smartphones.
    Google said they are activating 1.5 million android devices daily, so i think the iphone will become a minor player in the phone market.

    However, i do believe apple does have a chance in dominating the tablet market.
    Android/win8 tablets haven’t been popular and none of them have sold as well as the iPad.

      • i support the iphone but android is dominating the market. it is the majority of smartphones sold right now and 1.5 million devices are activated daily. I dont know if Apple can stop getting their butts kicked. ios7 has to be really amazing.

        • Slaughtered is a bit much though Jimmy. iPhones no matter which way you look at it, are still selling extremely well.

  2. I don’t even have to read the article to tell you that this is probably not going to happen. Android has spread like wildfire – because Android is not tethered to hardware – and as the phrase “smart phone” is on the brink of extinction, Android is going to fill that gap. Why? Because Android has joined the PC in a race to the bottom; ie, cheap phones abound.

    • While I am not saying you’re wrong, disagreeing with an article without even reading it hardly gives your statement any weight.

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