Action RPG ‘The Shadow Sun’ is Coming This Summer

It’s been a long time coming, but the ambitious action RPG The Shadow Sun is finally coming to the App Store this summer. Ossian Studios, the people behind Neverwinter Nights and The Witcher, have just released new screenshots and information about the game. Check it out below.

The Shadow Sun is a Western-style RPG set in an enormous walled city called Shar. Two things seem to be happening simultaneously as the game starts: the sun is starting to darken, and a deadly plague has broken out in the city. Ossian says the game “is a dark, heroic fantasy RPG that combines the classic adventure of Dungeons & Dragons, the fear of otherworldly horrors of H.P. Lovecraft, and the grim sword and sorcery of Conan the Barbarian.” That’s a lot of big shoes to fill, so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

The game is built on the Unity engine. It will be a universal app, and will run on 3GS iPhones and newer, third generation iPods and up, and all iPads. There still no pricing information. although they say it will be a “premium, full Western RPG” so we’d expect a premium price. The game will hit the App Store sometime this summer. For more information about Shadow Sun, read our Q&A with the developer, and check out Ossian’s website.







3 thoughts on “Action RPG ‘The Shadow Sun’ is Coming This Summer

  1. This makes Star Command look like a quick release… Still, looks awesome and I can’t wait now that we’re (hopefully) close to the actual release. Thanks for the heads up, Chris.

  2. Does the whole thing take place in the one city? That didn’t exactly work too well for Dragon Age 2 from what I understand.

    But from the people who did the Witcher has me very intrigued.

  3. “Developed by Ossian Studios, the people behind Neverwinter Nights and The Witcher,” All they did for The Witcher was expansion pack Scars of Betrayal which wasn’t even released. So I think it’s too much to say they were behind The Witcher.

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