EA Mobile Demoing SimCity, NFSU at Apple Stores

An EA Mobile rep got in touch with us recently to let us know that the publisher will be demoing two upcoming iPhone titles at select Apple Stores, starting this Saturday!

According to our source, Need For Speed Undercover and SimCity will be out on the App Store “towards the end of December,” but iPhone gamers who live near San Francisco, Chicago, NYC or LA won’t have to wait that long to go hands-on with these hotly anticipated games. On the following dates, EA Mobile producers will be on hand to chat with the public and personally demo the games:

Saturday, December 6 / 3? p.m.

Apple Store, SOHO, New York City, NY

Saturday, December 13 / 2? p.m.

Apple Store, Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA

Sunday, December 14 / 2? p.m.

Apple Store, Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA

Saturday, December 20 / 2? p.m.

Apple Store, North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

We will of course be attending the demo in San Francisco to bring you the latest coverage on these games; we’ll try to get some live interviews with the producers, too. Anyone else planning to attend?

As far as we know, these are the first live game demos to be conducted with Apple’s full cooperation–potentially a very significant step, considering that Apple has enforced radio silence on big upcoming titles to this point. EA’s big brands give it clout that a lot of other publishers simply don’t have.

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