Dungeon Defenders Turns It Up on iPad 2

Dungeon Defenders was one of our favorite games from late last year, and lucky for us, it was designed with the iPad 2 in mind. Come and see the results of multi-core code support and the Unreal engine!

Since the release of the iPad 2 earlier this month, I’ve been keeping my eye out for worthy demonstrations of its graphical power. While there’s a few basic updates to the system, the inclusion of a dual-core ARM Cortex-A8 CPU (along with the new PowerVR SGX 535 GPU) is the iPad 2’s hidden ace up its sleeve.

Most games weren’t designed to immediately make use of this extra processing power, but Dungeon Defenders is one of the rare exceptions. According to Philip Asher of Trendy Entertainment, Dungeon Defenders was designed with the “multi-core code originally meant for the PC/Console release,” so it’s able to perform pretty impressively right off the bat on the iPad 2. In his own words, it “shows off the iPad’s true power.”

Hard to disagree with that video — and after playing it for a couple hours, I’ve got to agree too. It runs incredibly smooth, looks great, and never missed a beat. Our original review covered it’s awesome multiplayer and Unreal beauty, but running this thing on high level maps is particle effect madness you have to see. Here’s a really good breakdown from a high-level Dungeon Defender:

It’s worth noting that it’s only a buck to play, but you’ll have to purchase pets and certain treasures with real money if you want them in reasonable time down the road. Considering how much game you get for a buck, that’s pretty reasonable. Definitely worth looking into for any fans of tower defense and epic loot!

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