2012 Game of the Year (People’s Choice): Angry Birds Star Wars

Every year, in addition to our editors picking their Game of the Year, we poll our readers via Twitter to find their choice as well. This year, there were a lot of great games that deserved to win, but the crowd favorite was Angry Birds Star Wars.

Angry Birds Star Wars combines two blockbuster franchises: The 35-year-old Star Wars universe, and the much newer Angry Birds games and characters. Angry Birds Star Wars has the familiar Angry Birds gameplay that has defined this mobile gaming generation, with pick-up-and-play appeal, destructive physics, and lots of levels. But it also uses the characters, sound effects, and Force powers of the Star Wars universe, which make it feel like more than just another Angry Birds installment.

Not only is Angry Birds Star Wars an App Store best-seller, but it also does justice to the two properties. Now that the Star Wars license has been acquired by Disney, maybe we’ll see the developers at Disney Mobile put out more great Star Wars iOS games in 2013. We already know that Rovio is working on an animated Angry Birds movie for 2016, so more big-name tie-ins seem likely. Angry Birds Star Wars may just be the first in a new, epic series.

For its inspired brand-name synergy and dependable gameplay, we agree that Angry Birds Star Wars deserves the title of Game of the Year from our readers. Other GOTY picks that you tweeted at us include Walking Dead: The Game, Punch Quest, The World Ends With You: Solo Remix, Shadowgun: DeadZone, Magic 2013, and Arc Squadron. The previous GOTY People’s Choice winners were Commodore 64 (2009), Infinity Blade (2010), and Infinity Blade 2 (2011).

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