1000 Blockoban Codes Going Quickly

All 1,000 codes for the full version of Blockoban have been used, but we still think it’s a game worth investigating. With the “freemium” download model, you can still get 100 levels for free by downloading the game. Also, check out the trailer below. Love that music!

In an unprecedented move, Moonlights developer BonusLevel.org has created 1000 unique promo codes to unlock the full version of their recently released title, Blockoban. These are not used in the traditional way, though.

Instead, due to the game’s “freemium” model, you can download the app for free and use the code inside the app. The following are the steps to take to be a part of this wonderful promotion.

1. Download Blockoban on the App Store.

2. Complete the seven-level tutorial in the game.

3. Go to the now-available upgrade option and choose “Promo”.

4. Direct your browser here and choose any available code (without a line through it).

5. Enter the code and enjoy!

We will have a review of this game up in the near future, but our initial impressions are that you should nab this great deal immediately and save yourself $1.99. 920 levels of puzzling fun await!

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