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Tiny Dangerous Dungeons Coming to the App Store on April 2

Game Boy-styled Metroidvania adventure Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is due to hit the App Store on April 2. Fans of exploration will definitely want to get their hands on this one.

Like other Metroidvania games, in Tiny Dangerous Dungeons players will have to explore a big interconnected map, pick up items and weapons, defeat enemies and generally avoid getting killed. Thankfully the game will come with a check-point system so you won’t have to start everything from the beginning if you have been defeated.

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Broken Age Act 2 Gets a Release Date

A release date for act 2 of Tim Schafer’s Broken Age adventure series has finally been set: April 28 in North America and April 29 in Europe. That’s the release date for the PC version of the game, but the mobile version shouldn’t be far behind.

If you’ve already bought Broken Age Act 1 on PC, Act 2 will be delivered as a free download. Likewise, once those dates hit, the game will no longer be split into “acts,” and will only be available as one full experience for $24.99.



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Rogue Star is Finally Coming to the App Store

After spending a couple of years seemingly mired in development hell, Redbreast Studio’s dogfighting / space sim Rogue Star is finally on its way to iOS. The game has been submitted to Apple for approval, and will hopefully be seeing release within a couple of weeks.

Rogue Star started out looking like a sci-fi, 3D dogfighting simulator. In the past couple years, however, it appears to have grown into something a little bigger. The game now contains things like trading and salvaging, which sounds more like an open-world game than just a straight shoot-em-up.

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