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Out Now: Max Ammo from Mantis Shrimp

Play the most insane action shooter today! Shoot, upgrade and craft your way through hundreds of levels of intense blasting action, with loads of new challenges every month! It’s just you versus the Reptor Empire, and you’re going to need Max Ammo!

Are you ready for an all-out, high-octane thrill-ride? Will you swear to protect the planet at all costs? Are you ready to blow everything up? If the answer is “HELL YEAH!”, you may be ready for the biggest, best and most badass shooter on mobile!

Forget about awkward controls! This brand-new game is designed exclusively for your mobile device – just swipe to dodge and tap to fill the enemy with lead. Get ready for tight controls, big action and Max Ammo!


Minecraft Future Updates Discussed by Mojang Mobile Team

Check out the article for Touch Arcade’s full write up, but some of the highlights of what is coming to Minecraft PE include:
– World height increase
– Classic crafting
– Redstone improvements

Out Now

[Sponsored] Out Now: Medieval Battalion Pro from Riad Afyouni

Many thanks to Medieval Battalion Pro for sponsoring Slide to Play this week.

Medieval battalion is a “first-people” shooting game, where you control a squad of 10 elite muskets protecting your valuable fortress. The enemy will come at you in waves, axemen, archers, pikemen and horsemen will attempt to topple your lines and go in the fortress.

Aim 5 muskets simultaneously, and have them fire their shots toward the enemy to stop them. Advance in this endless game, earn coins as you eliminate your enemy and reinforce your battalion with power-ups such as scattered bullets, slow motion or heal. Your battalion is counting on you commander!

Medieval Battalion Pro is available on the iOS App Store now and is ad free.

News via Touch Arcade:

[Update] Missing Capcom and Telltale Games Coming Back – Others May Be Gone for Good

[Update: Good news! Touch Arcade spoke with Apple and the earlier report from Pocket Gamer did not come from official sources. There has been no policy change (thankfully) — apps disappearing seems to just be a bug for now. While developers can remove apps from the purchased list, it is not the default to do so. That’s what is happening and that is the bug that is causing the ruckus.]

Capcom and Telltale have responded to Touch Arcade and let them know that the missing games are coming back to the App Store. They were removed due to bugs with iOS 9. Seems like games companies aren’t putting in the time to test their games with beta versions of the iOS. I mean it was available for three months…

There has been a lot on confusion around the removed games recently. Due to a change in the iTunes store backend it seems as though anything removed from sale from all territories will no longer be available to download if you had previously downloaded it.

If this is a bug or the new policy is still up for debate. Pocket Gamer has a source at Apple that says it’s the way things work now — but there’s no written policy change to be found. If it is the new policy it is a 180 degree reversal of the way things have been working.

We’ll have to see how this shakes out.

Via Touch Arcade

News via Gamezebo:

Land Sliders is a massive world-wide puzzle wrapped up in a mobile game

We already knew there were mysteries in the recent release Land Sliders from Prettygreat. But turns out there are even more unknowns.

Gamezebo has the details on one of the mysteries in the map coordinates that show up in the game.

Via Gamezebo


IMGA 12th Annual Awards Entry Open

The 12th annual IMGA awards will be happening early next year and the award submission is open now through the end of 2015. It’s been my pleasure to be on the jury for the IMGA for the past few years and I love what they are doing to support and promote mobile gaming.

Head on over to the IMGA website to submit your games.


‘Order of the Stone’ New Trailer for Telltale’s Minecraft Story Mode Released

The game itself is coming to iOS and Android on October 13th.


Nvidia Game Streaming now called GeForce Now, $7.99/mo base price

GeForce Now will launch on the Shield Android TV October 1 and offer a three month free trial. After the trial, the service will be set at a base price of $7.99 per month. The monthly fee gives players access around 50 1-2+ year old games to stream from the service providing they have fast enough connection. A few newer games will also be available to purchase as well at typical digial purchase prices.


Game Center bug in iOS 9 Locks Gamers Out of Games – Requires Clean Wipe Without Restore to Fix

Game Center should be a great feature, but it’s been riddled with bugs since launch showing how little Apple really focuses on the needs of gamers. This latest bug that keeps players from playing the games they love is a perfect example that.

I was doing a little research trying to figure out why I couldn’t get some games to launch. I initially didn’t worry about it too much as I figured it was just another bug and a reboot would fix it. When a reboot didn’t fix it, I discovered that there were dozens of games I couldn’t get into that I previously had no problems with.

The bug that I’m experiencing is something that lots of others are facing as well. It seems to be some sort of a bug when upgrading to iOS 9 that causes an issue with Game Center. The easiest way to illustrate the bug is that going into Game Center settings or the Game Center app causes a lock-up. Bad data seems to be created after the iOS 9 upgrade and when Game Center tries to initialize it just freezes. This locks up any game that relies on Game Center and keeps it from working, just stuck in a loop. Some games will work, but report Game Center is not signed in.

There’s an Apple Support Community forum post with lots of angry people that goes on for 14 pages. The really bad news is that there is no fix. So far the only remedy that seems to work is wiping the phone clean and starting over from scratch and not restoring from a backup at all. Seems a bit drastic, but at this point it’s the only choice.

Interesting via Pocket Tactics:

Spaceteam dev launches physical card version Kickstarter

I don’t usually cover Kickstarter campaigns because, well, we’ve all been burned a few times there. But Spaceteam is one of my favorite multiplayer games and it makes sense as a physical card game.

Check out the Kickstarter, and if nothing else, download Spaceteam!

Via Pocket Tactics

News via TechCrunch:

Apple Re-invents Something New: The Privacy Policy

All too often privacy is something you willingly give away by clicking it away and not reading a privacy policy pop-up. Apple has taken the first step to being more transparent with your privacy by updating it’s privacy site today. From Tech Crunch:

This is the template for all other tech companies when it comes to informing users about their privacy. Not a page of dense jargon, and not a page of cutesy simplified language that doesn’t actually communicate the nuance of the thing. Instead, it’s a true product. A product whose aims are to inform and educate, just as Apple says its other products do.

Via TechCrunch


BioShock is Coming Back to the App Store – Official Word from 2K Games

Got official word back from 2K Games today about the removal of BioShock — good news, it’s coming back. We got official word from Jaime Jensen, Senior Communications Manager of 2K Games:

2K recently provided inaccurate information to customers surrounding removal of BioShock for iOS from the App Store. BioShock is currently incompatible with iOS versions 8.4 and higher, and as such, is temporarily removed for purchase from the App Store. 2K is fixing the compatibility issue, and when resolved, will place BioShock back on the App Store for purchase. Customers who already own BioShock may continue playing the game with iOS version 8.3 or earlier. 2K regrets the initial customer service error and looks forward to delivering an updated version of BioShock for iOS in the near future.

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2K Games’ Bioshock Removed From App Store and Previous Purchases

Bioshock has been removed from sale on the App Store for a while now, but TA reports that it has also now been removed from previous purchases in iTunes.

Not really sure why this has happened — removal from the App Store is one thing, but removal from previous purchases usually means some sort of a legal issue. We’ve reached out to 2K for help on this.


Real Boxing 2 – Soft launched in Canada

The best fighting game on the App Store is back in Real Boxing™ 2 with an addictive and seamless Career Mode, unlimited customization, stunning visuals and dynamic combat. Ready for Round 2?

So if you have a Canadian iTunes account, head on over to the CA App Store to download it.


DraftKings vs. FanDuel – “Whoever wins, it won’t be you”

I get so sick of seeing these commercials. Great video via SB Nation though you could say it’s a bit tainted by their FanDual partnership:

You’re not seeing things: DraftKings and FanDuel have aired their commercials more than 30,000 times since Aug. 1. This is why it’s happening and why you aren’t winning many — if any — pools.

News via MacRumors:

Need to Know: XcodeGhost – Malware infected apps and games on the App Store

Over the weekend it came to light that a modified version of Xcode had been distributed in China codenamed XcodeGhost. This allowed infected apps to be released on the App Store for the first time. Apps like WeChat, and possibly Angry Birds 2 (Chinese version).

MacRumors has the full round-up with everything you need to know. But, first priority is change your Apple ID password!

Via MacRumors


Out Now: Hotline Miami 2 – on Nvidia Shield TV

The Nvidia Shield TV is one hot little unconsole. They continue to push out great exclusive games like Hotline Miami 2.

Gear via VentureBeat:

Amazon Announces Updated Fire TV and Fire TV Gaming Edition

Amazon announced updates to the Fire TV line. Available in October, the new Fire TV supports 4K output, Alexa voice control, and up to 75% more processing power.

But of more interest is a gaming focused editon — the Fire TV Gaming Edition. This version comes with a controller, 32GB microSD, and two games — Shovel Knight and Ducktales: Remastered.

Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition is available not for pre-order at $139.99.

Via VentureBeat


Out Now: iOS 9 — time to upgrade!

iOS 9 has finally been released. It’s time to upgrade those iPhone 4s or iPad 2 and later devices. Here are some resources to help you upgrade the right way:

Apple has a quick guide to what’s new in iOS 9 — if you need the refresher.

And if you are looking for an amazingly in depth review of iOS 9, look no further than the review up on MacStories. It’s 23 pages of amazingly in depth look at the update.

iMore has a guide up with a some tips on cleaning up your device and backing it up.

We linked to this earlier, but 9to5Mac has a great guide up on the quickest way to backup iOS devices — to a computer and not to iCloud. The hows and whys are in the article.

And finally, the update — 9to5Mac also has that covered with an look at what the update entails.

One bit of bad news though, watchOS 2.0 has been delayed a bit as a last minute critical bug has forced Apple to pull the release just before launch. It should be out soon though.


Solitairica – Solitaire with a twist from former Popcap Devs

It’s a shame what EA has done to Popcap. But what’s not a shame is that all the bright minds that left Popcap have started forming a bunch of indie game studios and announcing new games. This game from one such studio, Righteous Hammer, is an example.

Solitairica takes RPG combat and endlessly replayable roguelike progression and brings them to a fresh place in the world of solitaire.


Solitairica will be a premium title coming to iOS first in 2016.

Interesting via Polygon:

Next Five Nights At Freddy’s Game Likely an RPG

Noting that there will not be a Five Nights At Freddy’s 5, creator Scott Cawthon did bring up that an FNAF themed RPG is under development.

It’s very important for me to say again that there will NOT be a Five Nights at Freddy’s 5. The story is complete, and the Halloween update and new game will not add to it.

That being said, I wanted to use these characters in a new and fun way because they are so near and dear to my heart, and I was excited to work on a type of game that I hadn’t made in a long time.

The new game that I’m working on will be called FNAF World. It will not be a horror game, but a role playing game where you create a party using the huge selection of characters from the FNaF games, including the classic, withered, toy, phantom, and nightmare versions. I’ve been working steadily on characters and hope to start on enemy models next week.

Via Polygon

News via Tech in Asia:

Coming Soon: Retro Cartridge Games for your Mobile Phone, Maybe.

Tech in Asia reports that Beatrobo wants to bring back the game cartridge — but this time for mobile phones.

Naming these devices that plug into the headphone jack of mobile phones “pico cassettes,” the devices don’t actually hold any games, they just unlock the game on the device. The goal of the device is to bring back the physical ownership of games, collecting, and trading of games.

Seem like a good idea? I don’t know if I want to go back to trying to carry around multiple game cartridges, but there is a little part of me that misses opening the boxes and plugging in the game for the first time.

Via Tech in Asia

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