Can an iOS App Really Improve Your Vision?


Retro graphics are a popular trend in games these days, but what if those blurry, pixelated graphics are actually supposed to look sharp? If you find your vision fading after a lifetime of playing video games, it might be time to visit an optometrist and consider some new glasses. A cheaper (though less reliable) alternative is to download a new iOS app called Ultimeyes, which claims to help improve your vision.  (more…)

Play Top-Downloaded Puzzle Game Sinkers In Your Browser Right Here for Free


We’re in favor of any new technology that erodes the distinctions between platforms, which is why we’re excited about’s revolutionary ability to run apps through your browser without having to download anything from iTunes. We previously shared their port of Nameless: The Hackers, and now we have a new app-in-browser game from Bitzerland, called Sinkers. (more…)

New Screenshots and Trailer For Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2


There have been several high-quality Spider-Man games released on the App Store over the years, from the 3D beat ‘em up Spider-Man: Total Mayhem to the arcade fighting port Marvel vs Capcom 2. So far, the most technically impressive was 2012′s The Amazing Spider-Man, an open-world crime-fighting game where you could scale huge buildings and freely take missions. With the movie sequel about to hit, an accompanying game is headed to the App Store as well. (more…)

Glu Announces Freemium James Bond Mobile Game for Summer 2015


Glu Mobile, the developers of dozens of successful freemium series like Gun Bros, Frontline Commando, and Deer Hunter, recently announced that they’re working on a new game starring super spy James Bond, available in 2015. According to a press release, “the game is inspired by the franchise’s rich history, themes, characters, and narratives,” which indicates to us that it’s not based on just one film or actor.  (more…)

Exclusive Interviews: The Cast of Family Guy Talks About The Quest For Stuff


We told you that last week’s Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff launch party was about as Hollywood as they get. Developer TinyCo and Fox Digital Entertainment rolled out the red carpet for several big-name voice actors from the show, including Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson), Alex Borstein (Lois Griffin), Phil LaMarr (Ollie Williams), and Gary Cole (Principal Shepherd). We had a chance to interview each of them about their favorite mobile games, Family Guy moments, and other characters they made famous.  (more…)

April Fools and Games Go Hand in Hand


It’s a time-honored tradition for gaming magazines, websites, and even developers to make up silly stuff every April 1 and pretend it’s going to happen. Heck, we’ve even done it before. We’re going to skip this year, but we thought we’d point you to GameSpot’s April Fools’ 2014 Joke Roundup, where they have a roundup of all the false reports you’re likely to see on the web today. (more…)