Star Horizon Trailer Released


If you grew up playing Star Fox, you’ll want to take a look at Star Horizon, an upcoming iOS game that looks like a heck of a good time. It’s a space shooter, and you play a pilot named John who gets to soar through intergalactic environments, upgrade his ship, and shoot down scads of enemies. The game comes out on March 20, but you can watch the trailer below.  Read More →

Moga Teases New Bluetooth Controller


Lately it seems you can hardly turn around without bumping into a new iOS 7 controller announcement. The latest is from Moga, a company that released one of the first iOS 7 controllers to hit the market back in November. Their previous effort was a snap-on shell controller that only worked with certain iPhone models. This new one works using Bluetooth and looks more like an Xbox controller– at least that’s what we’ve gathered from the teaser image they released.  Read More →