Black Friday game sales start early — Here’s our updated list (Updated Black Friday!)

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Just as certain as we will all overeat on Thanksgiving day, there will be games on sale for Thanksgiving week. This year is no exception, we will all eat too much, forget to save room for the pumpkin pie, and lapse into a food coma before it’s even dark outside. Oh yeah, and there are a metric crap ton of games on sale this year.

I’ll be updating this list through the next weekend, when things traditionally start to go back to normal prices. Newest items at the top. These aren’t all of the games on sale, check App Shopper for the full list. These are just the cream of the crop, top of the heap, best of the best, and good deals.

And try to save some room for the pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream.

Update: Black Friday, pumpkin pie is gone, but there’s leftover Cool-Whip

W.E.L.D.E.R. (Ayopa Games) [Free]

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf (Bulkypix) [Free]

Lost Winds (Frontier Developments) [Free]

Circadia (Simple Machine) [Free]

Trouserheart (10tons) [$0.99]

Out There (Mi Clos Studio) [$1.99]

True Skate (True Axis) [$0.99]

Drive on Moscow: War in the Snow (Shenandoah Studio) [$4.99]

Battle of the Buldge (Shenandoah Studio) [$4.99]

Thomas Was Alone (Bossa Studios) [$2.99]
Hit the jump for the full list.

App Store Games go (RED) for World AIDS Day


Apple has announced the Apps go (RED) campaign for World AIDS day. 25 Favorite apps and games have added content and will donate proceeds for two weeks to the cause. Some of the games added to the campaign include Monument Valley (with a whole new level, beyond Forgotten Shores recently released) [App Store], Threes! [App Store], and the original Angry Birds [App Store]

For the full list of apps and games supporting the (RED) campaign, check this special section on the App Store.