New Tropes Vs. Women Video Released

Feminist Frequency has just released a second video in their “Tropes Vs. Women” series. In the series, Anita Sarkeesian looks at common, problematic roles and representations of women in videogames. I’ve found this video series to be eye-opening and thought provoking, and think all gamers would benefit from thinking about the issues it raises. You can watch the first two videos below.

Like consumers of any media, gamers often skate from game to game, never really stopping to think about what kinds of ideas they’re absorbing. And while even most AAA console titles aren’t known for their fantastic story lines, it’s always good for consumers to take a step back and think about what we’re taking in.

So I encourage all gamers to watch the two Tropes Vs. Women videos below and start giving more thought to what kinds of ideas are being presented to us by game makers, consciously or not. (Viewers should note that the second video contains some graphic/disturbing clips from games).

[Via Feminist Frequency]

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