New SteelSeries Controller Announced

SteelSeries has announced a new gaming controller for iOS, and it looks like just what the doctor ordered. Called the Stratus XL, it resembles an Xbox One or PS4 controller, which is all anyone really wants out of any gaming controller, really. It’s set to release sometime this year, but no pricing information has been announced.

The competition is pretty stiff in the controller market, even though these things don’t seem to be catching on with the general public. However, they will almost certainly pick up steam whenever Apple decides to let developers make games for the Apple TV.


The SteelSeries Stratus XL also bears a strong resemblance to the Signal RP One controller that was announced at CES in January. Last we heard, that device was listed at $99 and set to come out in the first half of 2014. Time is running out for them to hit that deadline.

The only reason you might not want a controller shaped like this is if you prize portability over comfort, in which case you can just buy SteelSeries’ smaller Stratus controller, available for purchase here.

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