New iPad Pre-Orders Slip to April 12

Even in the midst of this digital world, sometimes it still pays to buy things over the counter. Well, that’s if you’re expecting to have an iPad on day one, anyway.

Supposedly due to overwhelming demand, any pre-orders placed for iPad units after March 27th now won’t reach customers until April 12th rather than the official launch day of April 3rd.

The news was delivered, albeit subtly, via the iPad section of Apple’s official website, the suggestion being that the giant has already sold out of all its Wi-Fi unit stock. As such, estimates point to around 240,000 pre-orders having been placed after two weeks on sale.

That said, no-one knows just how many physical units will make it to shop shelves for launch day, either (though TUAW says some 670+ Best Buys will receive 15 units apiece). In reality, it could mean that the only true winners will be those who saw fit to put down their dollars early.

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