New Game Center Features Announced At WWDC

At today’s WWDC keynote, Apple revealed a few important new Game Center updates that will make gaming on Macs and iOS devices a bit more fun. Read on to learn what gamers can expect to see in OS X and iOS 6.

One of the first major game-related announcements at the keynote was that Game Center integration is coming to Macs through OS X Mountain Lion. You’ll be able to use your iOS profile to do all the same Game Center stuff, like compare high scores and see what your friends are playing.

In addition, Apple is adding the ability for Game Center users on Mac and iOS to find online opponents using either platform. This cross-platform play was demonstrated in an upcoming game called CSR Racing from NaturalMotion, the makers of the Backbreaker football series.

In the gameplay demo, an Apple executive challenged “Mr. X” from his Mac Game Center profile. Mr. X then appeared onstage wearing a white racing suit and helmet, and holding an iPad. The game is a drag racing simulator, and within a few seconds, Mr. X crossed the finish line and won the round. CSR Racing is due to launch this summer for Mac and iOS, with cross-platform online multiplayer.

Apple also briefly announced a new feature coming to Game Center in iOS 6: Game Center challenges. As described, this will give you the ability to challenge friends to beat a particular score in a game. So if you think your run in Jetpack Joyride can’t be beat, you don’t have to wait for your friends to find it on their own– you can send them a notification from within Game Center.

This year’s WWDC keynote was a bit light on gaming news, but that Retina screen on the new Macbook Pro looks like it’ll be amazing for Mac games, and we’re excited to try out the new Game Center features. To learn what the next giant leap will be for mobile games, we’ll have to wait until this Fall.

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