New ngmoco Games: LiveFire, Touch Pets Dogs, Star Defense

ngmoco’s dropped some new gameplay videos and assets for three of its upcoming titles: LiveFire, Touch Pets Dogs, and Star Defense. These games are in various stages of release readiness, but they’re all looking pretty cool to us.


The much-ballyhooed LiveFire was featured during Apple’s iPhone 3.0 event a couple days ago as an exemplar of in-game microtransactions, but we’re more interested in the game’s slick FPS action and multiplayer features. ngmoco’s reposted the video from the event depicting a four-way multiplayer match. It has that early Unreal Tournament look to it that we remember so fondly from days of yore.


Touch Pets Dogs

Also from the iPhone 3.0 event comes a new Touch Pets Dogs video that covers giving your virtual pooch some TLC. The doggie in the video is named “Buttons,” in case you were wondering. Adorable!


Star Defense

Finally, a new ngmoco staffer named Stephanie posted up a couple low-res pictures of a new game she’s working on called Star Defense. This appears to be a sci-fi themed Tower Defense game wrapped around a 3D globe, kind of mirroring the setup in First Contact. According to ngmoco’s site, you are “protecting the Archaeus Galaxy from hordes of S’rath invaders,” and the game will launch with seven playable planets.

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