New Aurora Feint Game, Codename VSL, Coming In December

Aurora Feint has just announced a new game, a departure from their landmark Match-3 series Aurora Feint, that will be available in December. Although they won’t reveal the title yet (they’re just calling it VSL) we chatted with Aurora Feint co-founder Jason Citron about other essential details.

According to Citron, Aurora Feint began planning for this game in June, guessing that Apple would eventually move to make in-app purchases available in free games. “We started building this game that involved in-app purchases, virtual currency, all this stuff,” Citron said.

Citron describes VSL as an online-enabled casual RPG with a heavy focus on leveling up and purchasing optional items to customize your character. “Aurora Feint 2 was more RPG with a little casual mechanic. I would say that this game is very different,” Citron said. “It’s broadly casual. It’s taken much more in the direction of casual. So it’s very casual in its approach with a very light RPG, where Aurora Feint was very big RPG with light casual.”

While saying VSL would not be a Match-3 game, Citron declined to get into specifics about the gameplay mechanics. “It involves having a character that you can progress through levels with and then personalize in some fashion, through leveling up to acquire virtual goods or purchasing packs of virtual goods that you can then have access to by playing the game.”

In addition, there will be a social aspect to the game. As Citron explained to us, “the social component is basically the idea that the game is an infinite game, with no end. You play through the game and level up, collect virtual goods, and it’s sort of a social competition to see who can have the most and be the best.”

Citron also told us that the game will have a “Popcap-esque” visual style that he thinks will be approachable for anyone, and a free-to-download business model supplemented with optional in-app purchases of item and level packs. In addition, the game will come with Open Feint 2.4, which when it is available to other developers will allow them to include achievements for content purchased in-app.

More details of VSL are expected next month, so as soon as we have screens or video of the game, or even just the title, we’ll let you know.

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