New App A Day: The Secret of Grisly Manor

Not to be confused with The Secret of Bryce Manor, today’s featured app is an adventure game about– you guessed it– exploring a manor that’s full of secrets. As you do, of course, you pick up all kinds of trinkets that can be placed in empty slots found elsewhere in the house. It’s a tried and true adventure game formula, and it’s hard to stop playing once you start.

The premise of the game is that your eccentric inventor of a grandfather has disappeared, at least according to the papers. You soon receive a note from him, saying that he hasn’t, in fact, disappeared, and would like you to visit him so he can show you “something truly amazing.” But when you arrive at his manor he’s nowhere to be found. Where is he? What’s going on? These are the things you’ll figure out as you explore the place and solve its puzzles.

Instead of being a fully 3D world, Grisly Manor is made up of hand-painted views, and you explore them frame by frame, like in classic adventure games Myst and The 7th Guest. The controls are as simple as can be: just tap anything that looks suspicious, and you’re likely to find a secret.

So far we’re really enjoying the game. It doesn’t go beyond the basic adventure gameplay that amounts to solving puzzles and finding things to use elsewhere, but it’s keeping us intrigued. Pick up The Secret of Grisly Manor if you’re interested in an adventure game that’s light on story but heavy on exploration and puzzle solving.

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