Super Blast

Super Blast is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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New App A Day: Super Blast

Today’s featured app is a very basic– but challenging– high score game called Super Blast. With gameplay modeled after Galaga, you control a grumpy robot on a crusade to eradicate all robot-alien-monster-type things from the universe.

To do that, your grumpy robot stays at the bottom of the screen and shoots up at the falling alien-monsters. Letting even one get by you spells game over, so you’ll have to stay sharp. Your robot shoots automatically, so all you need to do is tilt the device to make him glide back and forth. If you get in a pickle, you can tap the screen to detonate a bomb that blows up all visible enemies; but use it wisely, as it takes a while to recharge.

Temporary weapon upgrades fall from the sky as well, giving you some much-needed extra firepower. Various types of alien-monsters begin to fall as you progress, from bomb-like ones that kill everything on the screen when they die, to metallic ones that take a whole lot of bullets before they pop.

OpenFeint handles the leaderboards, which track scores and kill counts, but oddly doesn’t offer achievements. The one other thing we should mention is the art: It’s great. Everything from the character models to the backgrounds looks phenomenal.

That’s about it. If you’re looking for a super simple high score game, Super Blast is a good bet.

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