Rocketeer is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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    New App A Day: Rocketeer

    If you’re like us, the first thing you thought when you saw there’s an app called Rocketeer was, “Oh, they made a game based on that 1991 Disney movie about a guy with a jetpack! You know, the one Family Guy said stupid people rent when they need a thrill.” Well, this game isn’t based on The Rocketeer.

    Instead, Rocketeer is a physics-based puzzle game that is extremely similar to Halfbrick’s Blast Off. You have to set a speed and trajectory for each of your rocketeers, blasting them around planets to head home through a warp hole.

    Larger planets provide a greater gravitational pull, which you’ll have to take into account to make your shots. Aim too far away, and you’ll go flying off into space. Aim too close, and your rocketeers will make for a fantastic fireworks display. The real trick is landing your rocketeers with the first shot for a three-star score on the level.

    Rocketeer is a fairly fun little physics game, but it’s not very original. The iPad version is also only a buck, and looks nicer, so we can recommend picking up either version if you don’t mind the simple concept.

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