Red Card Rampage

Red Card Rampage is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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New App A Day: Red Card Rampage

How mad do you get when you’re watching sports and the referee makes an idiotic call, costing your team points or, worse, the game? Wouldn’t it be satisfying if you could kick a soccer ball at his big stupid bald head? In Red Card Rampage, you can.

Today’s featured app is a port of the flash game Soccer Balls, which you can play here for free. With gameplay similar to Fragger, Red Card Rampage gives you control over the kicking leg of a stationary player who has it out for every ref he sees. Hit all the refs in a level, and you progress to the next. Do so without losing too many soccer balls, and you are rewarded with up to three stars for each level.

Of course, a game like this would be nothing without interesting level design, and Red Card Rampage does not disappoint. Each level is composed of fans, switches, moving objects, spikes, and/or multiple soccer players. It’s often necessary to pass the ball to other players to kick from their position. By dragging your finger across the screen, you set the strength and trajectory of your kicks. The ball follows the onscreen arc exactly, so there’s no guesswork until the first bounce.

The game comes with 36 levels, so it won’t last forever, but you can draw it out by trying to get three stars on each level. If you like Fragger and want to play something similar, give Red Card Rampage a shot.

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