Hungry Helga HD

Hungry Helga HD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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    New App A Day: Hungry Helga HD

    They say it ain’t over til the fat lady sings, but in today’s featured app, Hungry Helga HD, the game goes on much longer past that. Hungry Helga is a Valkyrie aboard a Viking boat, and you must bomb the fish below and shovel them into her mouth before she wastes away.

    We were interested in trying this iPad game (it’s coming to the iPhone, too) just from the gorgeous trailer, which you can view below. However, the gameplay didn’t captivate us in quite the same way. While the game looks rather impressive, bombing fish and tilting the iPad to scoop them up becomes tedious after just a few rounds.

    This may be because new obstacles are introduced very slowly, and the game takes some time to build up a challenge. In later levels, the fish become pretty nimble, seagulls will steal away your catch, and icebergs will block your ship. Also, tapping on Helga will unleash some pretty interesting special attacks, like a lightning storm.

    With some more variety, faster level progression, and online high scores (an absolute must for games like this), Hungry Helga HD could be a much better game. After all, it’s already got amazing character designs. Hopefully, the developer can give it a bit more attention and update Hungry Helga HD to make her more desirable.

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