New App A Day: Gun Bros

Today’s featured app has a staggering amount of content for a free download. Gun Bros lets you equip your character with outlandish outfits and weapons, wipe out thousands of enemies, and play along with an AI version of your friends’ characters.

As we reported in our initial hands-on preview, Gun Bros is a freemium two-stick shooter with a slight online twist. You can invite your friends to play with you asynchronously, so you can earn XP with them even if they’re not online. True live multiplayer is still missing, but we hope Glu can add it eventually.

Now that we’ve got the final game in our hands, we have a much better idea of what kind of business model is supporting this free-to-download shooter. While much of the game is available for free, you’ll also see some ads on the main menu, and certain items can only be purchased with premium currency, called War Bucks. War Bucks are five for one real-world US dollar, but you’ll need a lot more than that to unlock the game’s best weapons and armor. You can even buy War Bucks to increase the amount of regular currency, gold, that you can earn in each mission.

Pay schemes aside, Gun Bros is one hell of a good shooter. There are fifty waves of enemies for each “revolution”, and there are multiple revolutions on each planet. The weapons you can unlock and purchase are a lot of fun, and each has a unique feel. We especially liked getting up-close and personal with the shotgun.

And throughout the entire experience is a fantastic level of humor and polish. The graphics are Retina-enhanced and your friends list is automatically populated with your Game Center friends. Stylish illustrations class up the loading screens, along with goofy factoids about your enemies. For example, you’ll learn that the kamikaze enemies you fight have actually been driven insane by being forced to watch nonstop romantic comedies with strong female leads.

We’ll have a more definitive review of Gun Bros for you soon, but right now it’s looking like this is the best free shooter for the iPhone since Eliminate Pro. Go download Gun Bros now.

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