New App A Day: Deep Deep Dungeon

Let’s get something clear about today’s featured app: The title Deep Deep Dungeon refers to the distance you travel underground, and not at all to the game’s combat system. Deep Deep Dungeon’s reflex-based combat is Simple Simple.

At a glance, Deep Deep Dungeon looks similar to one of our favorite iPhone games ever, Sword & Poker. Both games share a super-cute anime art style, an adorable variety of grumpy bad guys, and layers upon layers of dungeon crawling. But when you do battle, instead of puzzling out a poker hand, you simply have to tap the screen when a fast-moving marker lands in the target zone.

Different weapons have different critical strike zones, and we enjoyed experimenting with the alternate weapons. You can also return to the surface at any time to upgrade your gear, but it’ll cost you precious coins to return to your last level. Like Sword and Poker, there’s a balance between pressing ahead and playing it safe.

Our main concern with Deep Deep Dungeon is the simple combat, but we’re an hour into the game and still find ourselves impressed with the variety that can be squeezed out of a one-button, timing-based system. For $1.99, it’s a pretty interesting purchase, but we’d avoid the game’s optional gold DLC unless you have deep deep pockets.

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