New App A Day: Cover Orange HD

We love physics puzzle games, which is why Angry Birds and Cut The Rope have earned themselves a permanent place on our iDevices. But there are no many knockoffs that sometimes we wonder if we’ll ever see an original concept again. Fortunately, Cover Orange HD got the creative juices flowing.

In this iPad puzzler, you have to drop objects like barrels and wheels into a scene, knocking around a delicate orange so it can be sheltered. After all your objects are dropped, an acid rain cloud will pelt the area with poison, so you’d better make sure you’ve got a roof over your orange.

The animation in Cover Orange HD is adorable, and we’d expect nothing less from FDG, the makers of games like Across Age, Beyond Ynth, and Parachute Panic. Your oranges will cower and pray while the storm is passing overhead, and if they’re struck by a poison pellet, they’ll shrivel up and turn black.

From our time with the first twenty levels, we can tell that Cover Orange HD is something really special. We’d recommend a buy, but if you want to try it out on your computer, a simple Flash version is available for free online.

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