New App A Day: Blind World

In today’s featured app, you have to navigate your way around the world by touch, and it takes a light touch indeed to reveal the mazes in Blind World.

Blind World’s levels start out completely blank, and you have to tilt to start the ball rolling. Every time you come in contact with a wall, you’ll put down a splotch of ink, which slowly reveals the environment. The goal is to earn a certain number of points on each level by painting the scenery.

We liked a few things about Blind World right away: The clever concept, the eerie piano music, and OpenFeint high score challenges. But we were caught a little off-guard by the floaty physics, which can bounce you around a lot and disrupt the flow of points. Also, once you complete a level and exit out, you can’t revisit it again without resetting the paint trails you left.

Blind World is pretty original, and we would urge you to check out the trailer to see if you like the atmosphere before buying. We should mention that Blind World is a universal app, so it runs in full resolution on an iPad, but tilting the giant screen is a lot more difficult on and iPad than on an iPod Touch or iPhone.

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