Neil Gaiman Announces ‘Wayward Manor’

Neil Gaiman, the writer of such delights as Sandman, American Gods, and Coraline, has announced that he’s entering another media segment: the world of videogames. The game in question is Wayward Manor. It’s going to be released in parts, with the first part coming this fall to Mac, PC, and tablets.

The game takes place in New England in the 1920s, during a happening party at the titular manor. You play as a ghost, and your job is to scare off all of the attendees.


The game is being developed by two companies: The Odd Gentlemen (the makers of The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom and Flea Symphony) and Moonshark (the makers of Stan Lee’s Verticus).

Over at the Wayward Manor website you can preorder the game for Mac or PC, buy a bunch of merchandise, or even drop a cool $10,000 to have “the spookiest dinner in Los Angeles” with Neil himself.

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