Need for Speed: Most Wanted Hands-On Preview

Earlier today, we were able to check out the progress of Need For Speed: Most Wanted, the newest mobile racer from EA. Much like its traditional console brethren, this iOS racer returns to the premise that has you avoiding the cops while beating out your rivals. While Need for Speed: Most Wanted is still several months away, we were very impressed with what we saw in its incomplete state.

The main message coming from the producer is clear: the goal is to make the best action racer ever seen on a portable title. Not content with being the best on iOS, the team is looking to best efforts on other dedicated handhelds like the Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS. Achieving that goal will be based on racing compelling tracks filled with opponents and cops to muddy the action up.

We raced on a city track driving a yellow 2012 Porsche Carrera. The car model was extremely detailed on the iPhone 4S, and the fidelity was maintained fairly well while being upscaled on a large Samsung LCD screen. Unlike the traditional console’s open world focus, Need for Speed: Most Wanted will be track based.

We were happy to see Autolog will be a prominent feature of the game. Autolog is a slick feature that enables you to stay connected with how your friends faring, and set up a competitive environment to get addicted to besting your personal network. The demo appeared to be connected through Facebook or Game Center, as photos were attached to each person on the demo unit’s friends list. It is unclear how deep this version of Autolog will extend throughout the game, but we’re intrigued.

The developers were mum on specific track and car counts. The one hint they did share is that their hope is to stuff as many popular cars that people will want into the game. One element that was confirmed was the lack of local or online multiplayer. All social connectivity will be done through asynchronous means. Definitely a bummer since we loved the head-to-head action in Need for Speed Shift, but we’ll see how the full package is before we assess how missed it is.

We will be on top of all the news and announcements of this promising title as it nears its Fall launch. We were given a denial on our desire to grab some video, but trust us when we say the game is one hell of a looker. Keep your eyes on this one folks!

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