Tinseltown Dreams: The 50's

Tinseltown Dreams: The 50's is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Namco Announces Tinseltown Dreams and Lt. Fly

Hot on the heels of Pool Pro Online 3, Namco has announced two new Match-3 titles exclusive to the iPhone and iPod Touch: Tinseltown Dreams and Lt. Fly: Rise of the Arachnids.

Tinseltown Dreams puts you in the director’s chair and lets you to make a movie by building your budget through a Match-3 game. With the money you make, you can hire the best cast and crew in the industry, purchase props, and arrange everything on a stage. 35 levels are included, with sets based on classic films. This could be your first step towards directing the next Hollywood hit.

Namco’s other offering, which they describe as a hybrid between a Match-4 and shooter, is called Lt. Fly: Rise Of The Arachnids. As explained by the title, you play as a military fly in a war against the spiders. In order to get ammo, you must match four blocks of the same color. Then you shoot falling spiders and bosses. Local multiplayer will be available, although we don’t have any more information on this at the moment.

Both games are expected to launch in the next few weeks, so keep your cameras rolling and webs spinning.

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