Naboko (Sokoban)

Naboko (Sokoban) is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Naboko Review

The App Store is filled with a seemingly endless number of clones, some of which are better than others. Naboko is a great example of how to take a classic puzzle game–in this game, Sokoban–and build it out into a full-featured app that offers great value.

The object in Naboko is to push all of the boxes onto select squares without getting stuck in your self-created maze. This is no easy task, but as one might expect from a game that has 2537 levels, there is a wide range of difficulty. Plus, the developer added a solution for every puzzle, just in case you needed a bit of extra help. Oh, and the game has 2537 flippin’ levels!

One of the things that makes this game really great is its level filtering. For example, you can sort through the game’s entire collection of levels by number of boxes, size, original set, etc. These filters are very easy to use, and allow you to play the game however you want. Naboko also keeps lots of data on your performance, in addition to a record of your solution for later replay.

Naboko is easy to play, too. All you have to do is tap the box you would like to move, then tap any space that you can move the box to (indicated by blue dots). The developer added convenient undo and redo buttons, so restarting isn’t often necessary.

Naboko is the last word on Sokoban games for the iPhone. Its current price of $2.99 is a bargain (did we mention the game has 2537 levels?). We recommend it to all puzzle fans.

Editor’s Note: Tim won our User Reviews contest with this review under the name rockrdudetim. Congrats!

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