N64 Emulator Set To Make Waves on iPhone

Bear with us: we’re still coming to terms with Sonic popping up on Nintendo consoles. However, now it would appear that Nintendo’s main man Mario might also be about to jump ship, as rumors have surfaced that a pending appearance on the iPhone is in the works.

But hold your horses, you excitable bunch. Like many emulators on the iPhone, though this N64 variant is a very real proposition, it’s not heading for the App Store. It’s hardly a stretch to see why, as the iPhone is currently taking chunks out of DS sales and news networks have widely attributed Nintendo’s recent profit slump to the rise of Apple’s iPod Touch and iPhone.

Instead, Mario’s migration is being worked on by developer ZodTTd, the one man outfit who has already worked on Quake for the iPhone, as well as a range of console emulators. The announcement was made on his blog that App Store rival Cydia will be the most likely recipient.

‘You may soon see N64 on your favorite Apple device,’ ZodTTd says in his post, ‘but I can’t promise it will run games top notch just yet, as things are too early to say. There’s hope though, with a 3D accelerated graphics plugin, as well as an ARM dynarec. If you have a previous generation device, I can use software rendering, but it will slow things down further, along with the slower CPU.

‘I’m somewhat light on details at the moment due to wanting to balance the hype,’ he continues. ‘Things look good for this project though.’

Of course, stores such as Cydia are only available to those pesky folks with “jailbroken” iPhones. Many of the ports now straddling the App Store were originally available in some form on Cydia or one of its rivals. While it’s extremely unlikely that Mario’s exploits on the N64 will ever make that same leap, it’s still a testament to what the iPhone can achieve: cutting-edge technology from yesterday now playable, and popular, in the palm of your hand.

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