MyTown Population Reaches 450,000

Developer Booyah announced today that their unique augmented reality/social gaming hybrid MyTown has reached a population of 450,000 users, among other impressive statistics. The game is currently free to play and available now.

MyTown is played by users logging in from real-world locations, which will earn them points to level up. The more you log into a location, the more points you’ll get. You can then use those points to purchase popular shops and receive rent when people log in at that location. This pretty much means that the folks who own MyTown Starbucks locations are virtual billionaires by now.

We’re also told that the game’s users have logged over 31 million “check-ins” from 2.1 million unique locations around the globe, and users are currently spending an average of 30 minutes per day playing MyTown. These statistics are much more impressive when you consider that the game has only been out for a month.

Having logged the #7 spot in popular downloads on the App Store, this game could be one of the first major social games to gain traction on the iPhone. Social gaming has become obscenely popular in the last 18 months or so, with Facebook leading the charge with its runaway hits Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Pet Society claiming more than 12 million users each. No iPhone social game has yet even approached the success of these mega-hits, but this may be the year.

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