My Little Hero

My Little Hero is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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My Little Hero Review

My Little Hero is a game with a lot of soul and imagination. You’ll journey through worlds you would’ve imagined only as a child, and you play a hero with more heart than strength. Visually, the game is remarkable. There’s an attention to detail that is really enjoyable. The concept and the basic story provide a good backbone to this game. However, the gameplay and the level design don’t get the same attention as the rest of the game.

In My Little Hero, you are a little boy who loves his stuffed animal Pinky. You’re the best of friends, until the Boogeyman comes into your room one night and steals Pinky. Now it’s your job to venture into the dark, dangerous worlds found in your closet and get Pinky back. To protect yourself, you don a cardboard box for a helmet and grab a toy sword as your weapon.

Monsters versus cardboard? This can’t possibly end badly!

The game is divided into four worlds, each further divided into several levels. In each level, you must navigate the torturous path and defeat any enemies that stand in your way. Basic on-screen buttons allow you to move and attack, giving the game a classic three-dimensional adventure game feel. It turns out that the Boogeyman also stole a number of other stuffed animals, so your goal in each level is to find a hidden stuffed animal and rescue it.

At first, your only weapon will be your toy sword. As you venture further into the game, you find other tools to use against the Boogeyman and his minions. For instance, you find a flashlight in the first world which scares some enemies and destroys others. You also get a large trunk that you carry with you, so that you may switch out your additional weapon at any time.

The worlds you will travel through are all incredibly imaginative, given hints and touches from a world of make-believe. Many of your foes will be stuffed animals themselves, like little bugs or monkeys. You will even find footprints throughout each level, hinting that the Boogeyman is not far.

Welcome to the Jungle, we’ve got naps and juice.

Unfortunately, the levels lack any real excitement. Each level involves the same amount of challenge, which often means walking for long periods, solving a quick puzzle or two, and attacking some enemies. There are never any clever twists that make a level feel different from another. Also, while the addition of new tools can spice up the gameplay, they are introduced so infrequently that you’re often craving for something new to make the game fun again.

This seems most frustrating because the game gives the appearance of a detailed, suspenseful game. You think there will be more to do than there actually is. It does appear that, once you complete the first of four worlds, a few additional quests became available, like earning enough money to mend a ripped stuffed animal. While this is the extra content we’re looking for, it shouldn’t take at least an hour of gameplay, presumably a quarter of the game, before we get something fun.

My Little Hero has the potential to be a sprawling adventure game with gorgeous graphics, but the journey is so lackluster you may never get to the interesting parts. The levels are too stale to keep most gamers interested for too long, which is a shame for such a darling, clever game.

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