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My Brute is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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My Brute Review

World of Warcraft eats lives. It’s just fact.

Addiction is just one aspect of massively multiplayer online games that that have taken the Internet by storm in recent years. But not all MMOs are like WoW or Everquest. Casual MMOs also have entered the scene, though there are so many that most have become rather forgettable. My Brute is not quite so, offering a stylized experience that only requires a few minutes each day to progress. As such it does not offer too much reason to stick around too long, even if you want to.

Rumble in the jungle!

My Brute is an MMO which puts you in charge of a dojo. You can create three different brutes to train within your dojo, each brute a highly customizable creation. Of course, you can only control physical characteristics, but the choices for those are numerous, making the creation of a unique character an easy task. After naming your brute, you can send him or her blindly forth into battle.

Battles are watched, involving no active participation. Your brute faces off with another belonging to a different player, but unless you have a specific player to challenge, all you have is a random list of three opponents who are close in level. Each battle gives experience, which in turn levels your brute and gives a few random bonuses to help them in its future battles. Brutes don’t have unlimited energy, though, and eventually they cannot fight until a day passes, and therein lies the limit to the gameplay.

As an MMO, however, the game is both based on battles with other players and cooperation with them. You can belong to other dojos, and you can also invite friends to join your dojo. My Brute does well with the available social connections, too, allowing Facebook Connect and OpenFeint chat rooms. You can connect to people and get codes to join other dojos in the chats, or you can just enjoy the enthralling conversations and frequent censoring by the admin.

Nothing says “tough guy” like a blue pony tail.

One of the things that My Brute definitely lacks is deeper interaction with your brutes or your dojo. There isn’t really a representation of the world or any dojos that you can click through, which isn’t a difficult thing to create in an online flash game. At the moment, it feels restricted in what you can do and where you can go.

My Brute is a good game whose stylized graphics and extensive community put it a step above its competition. The number of unlockable features and bonuses for each brute is well done, especially through its innovative master-pupil system. Yet it still leaves us wanting for a bit more to see and do in this mysterious world than just fight a few times a day.

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