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Munch Time is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Munch Time Review

With the success of short, level-based physics puzzlers like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, it’s no surprise that the genre has become a staple on the App Store. New games try to mimic the cute, friendly style of these popular titles, and they especially focus on getting their adorable characters into the iOS zeitgeist. Munch Time is no different, with its nameless lizard swinging through the dangerous jungles and hunting down his three stars.

In each level, you must help the lizard achieve one thing– eat the snail. Along the way, you can also collect three stars, which affect your final score for each level. The levels are remarkably small, usually fitting within the space of your iPhone or iPad’s screen. You move your lizard with simple touch controls, tapping where you’d like him to go. Since your lizard can’t jump, he must use his long tongue to attach to overhanging flowers, lifting him off the ground. When attaching to flowers, you’ll need to use the lizard’s momentum to catapult him towards more flowers in order to get all three stars.

Those tongue exercises have really paid off.

To make the game more difficult, certain levels feature flowers of various colors. Your lizard is apparently a chameleon, because by swallowing different colored bugs, he can change his own color. This allows him to attach to new flowers and reach new areas of each level. However, once you’ve attached to a flower, you cannot go back to it. This means that strategy comes into play, and simply attaching to flowers and hoping for the best will not often result in a three-star completion.

Munch Time only has two worlds, each with twenty-one levels. While that may seem like a lot at first, each level only takes a minute or so to complete. Perfectionists may want to spend additional time ensuring the best possible completion for each level and finding all three stars, but even then the game won’t take long.

Cannon fodder.

The game fails to impress in a number of areas, the first of which is its difficulty. Munch Time is relatively easy, with some levels even setting the snail right next to Munch at the start. You’re certainly encouraged to get all three stars on each level, but the issue is never forced.

Also, the three star system has become so commonplace in physics puzzlers that at this point it’s downright boring. It just seems lazy that Munch Time doesn’t even bother to replace the stars with something else that might fit its jungle theme a little better. Lastly, the controls aren’t perfect, either. Tapping to direct your lizard across the screen seems simple enough, but it lacks the precision found in some other physics puzzlers.

Munch Time HD isn’t a bad game at all, but it fails to produce anything original. Everything about the game seems to imply that it is just another physics puzzler for Angry Birds fans. The game lacks a certain polish or sense of style, and probably could have used a little more time in development.

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