MSNBC: Will People Pay For Quality Games?

It’s time for another shameless plug for Slide To Play head-honcho Steve Palley! Steve took the time to chat with MSNBC’s Winda Bendetti regarding the current, low-end pricing model for games in the App Store.

Here’s an excerpt:

Steve Palley, founder of iDevice game-review site and former Editorial Guru for Vivendi Games Mobile, believes this bottom-of-the-barrel pricing could be unhealthy for iPhone game developers and for game quality.

‘It’s going to be a problem in the long run, simply because it’ll stunt the profit potential on these games,’ he says. ‘I think this has been disguised somewhat by the iPhone’s tremendous organic growth, but eventually it’ll turn the App Store into a slum full of lazy match-three clones.’


Please do take a read through the MSNBC story. Winda does a pretty good job explaining the economics behind the App Store’s current pricing model, or lack thereof.

It’s easily one of the more important issues facing the development of the iPhone as a viable gaming platform in the long-run, and the implications for developers is something they will surely be following with great interest.

[from MSNBC: Will the people pay for quality iPhone games?]

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